The Firestarter Co.

The Firestarter Co.’s mission is that our clean, quick-to-burn sticks ease your fire-starting tasks so you can focus on what matters: family, friends, cooking, good food and conversation. Our fire starter sticks are designed for all indoor and outdoor fire-making needs, including charcoal and ceramic grills, home fireplaces and outdoor ovens, and camping and firepits. The environment is a core of our ethos, and these eco-friendly fire starter sticks are composed of only environmentally friendly natural wood fiber and unscented candle wax. They are small batch made for freshness, resource efficiency and waste reduction.

The company was founded by husband-and-wife team, John and Leslie, who are based in Richmond. Between them, they've lived across the world from Germany, Paris, and Amsterdam to Australia and Seoul. Now back home in Virginia, they were inspired by a family tradition of hand-made fire starters. The Firestarter Co. was born out of a desire to create an authentic everyday product with minimal waste. John spends his days working in foreign policy and publishing, Leslie spends hers in global brand marketing, and together they spend their nights and weekends bringing The Firestarter Co. to life, crafting products with a mindful approach to resources.
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The Firestarter Co. CAMP PACK - 6 sticks
The Firestarter Co. CLASSIC PACK - 18 Sticks
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