Moroccan Mint Tea, 4oz


Moroccan Mint Tea

Tea brewed with herbs, spices, and essential oils are known as blends. They can be treated differently than straight tea, as the herbs will mask the off flavors from over-steeping. To get the full flavor of the herbs in most blends, steeping longer will yield a more flavorful cup of tea. The art of blending herbs, spices, essential oils, and tea is much like painting a portrait. For a recipe to be enjoyed, there must be balance and complexity, yet the tea should not be masked beyond recognition. We blend our organic herbs and spices in-house with tea and in small batches to ensure freshness and consistency in every can.

Origin:  Our Organic Pinhead Gunpowder comes from the Anhui province in China. Alone, it is smokey and vegetal with a substantial bite.

Local farmers will be tasked in 2018 to grow spearmint, along with other herbs for our blends and Tisanes. Known to aid in digestion, spearmint is a wonderful pick-me-up herb combined in Moroccan Mint. Despite its refreshing mouthfeel, spearmint is considered a warming herb in Chinese medicine and is also known to boost respiratory health, balance hormone levels, relieve stress, and tonify the immune system.

Tasting Notes: Minty and fresh, floral jasmine and honeysuckle, crisp and refreshing.

  • 4oz
  • Makes 18 cups of tea

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