Swallowtail Tea

Created in 2016 as an answer to the demand from cafés and restaurants for a high-quality tea source, Red Rooster Coffee Roaster developed Swallowtail Tea. Nestled in the tiny hamlet of Floyd, Virginia, Swallowtail has met that need by working with high-end tea importers and local herb farmers. Swallowtail is built on the same foundation that made Red Rooster successful - great quality, robust customer education, and great customer service. 

At Swallowtail, quality is not just a word, it is the cornerstone of our business. Every step, from importing to tasting to blending and packaging is all done with the intent of providing our customer with the highest quality product. We inspect and cup every batch of tea and herbs we receive at our lab in Floyd and taste them religiously throughout their time in our care.

Swallowtail strives to achieve all forms of sustainability. Our ethical and transparent sourcing, honesty, commitment to quality, fair pricing, packaging, and growth all play into our sustainable values. We have built our facility using green building technology and upcycled materials. As we grow, we will strive to stay committed to these standards and more.

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White Peony Tea, 2oz
Mama's Little Helper Tea, 1oz
Masala Chai Tea, 4.5oz
Dragon's Tooth Tea, 4oz
Cripple Creek Tea, 3oz
Orange Pekoe Special Assam Tea, 3.5oz
Moroccan Mint Tea, 4oz
First Cut Sencha Tea, 5oz
Fire tower Tea, 4oz
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