Strazaar Pens

A note from the artist on Style and Synchronicity

A quality writing instrument, like a favorite shirt or wallet or pair of shoes, adds a personalized bit of richness to everyday life while simultaneously revealing our choices on style and value. All the more so when what we choose is unique.

Every pen I create is one-of-a-kind, from material stabilization to casting to turning to assembly and finishing. It is a deeply meditative and exploratory process for me, one having less to do with design and detailed planning and more with just listening to what the intersection of material, shape, color, and texture is trying to become.

Much of the wood and other natural materials used in my pens I find myself, locally. I believe this adds to the synchronicity of hand-crafted items.

I hope you find as much enjoyment, peace, and simple beauty in using these instruments as I did in creating them.

-- Now the pen is yours, and all your blank pages ready to fill --

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Monogrammed Leather Journal/Sketchbook, 6.5 x 8"
Double Pinecone, Handmade Fountain Pen
Handmade Pinecone and Resin, Rollerball Pen
Hourglass and Seeded Banksia, Handmade, Twist Pen
Double Pinecone, Handmade Rollerball Pen
Grapewood, Handmade Fountain Pen
Handmade Driftwood and Resin Twist Pen
Celtic Themed Twist Pen
Yellow Burl and Resin, Rollerball Pen
Steampunk Pinecone and Resin Pen
Spalted Maple, Italian Style, Handmade, Twist Pen
Australian Banksia Art Deco, 24K Gold Highlights, Rollerball Pen
Double Pinecone and Resin, Rollerball Pen
Knurled Pinecone, Handmade Twist Pen
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