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If you like coffee, you'll love the brand new Coffee Cubes from Storied Goods.

Infused with cinnamon, vanilla, and cloves, not to mention the requisite sweetness, these fun confections will instantly turn any cup of coffee into a delicious specialty drink.

Just pop open the tin, drop a cube in your cup, give it gentle stir, and enjoy!

Of course, we're assuming you already know a thing or two about the magic of Martha Bourlakas' Storied delicacies. Since they were first introduced on the Store back in November, the Rose Petal and Whiskey Cubes have been consistent top sellers.

According to Martha, "customers love them for their novelty, small bit of sweetness, and beauty."

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Orange Zest Cherry, Sugar Cubes, 10 Cubes
Exclusive Sampler: Rose Petal, Cinnamon Vanilla, & Orange Zest Cherry, Sugar Cubes, Set of 3
Cinnamon Vanilla, Sugar Cubes, 10 Cubes
Rose Petal, Sugar Cubes, 10 Cubes
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