Razzbourne Farms

After a year of planning, Razzbourne Farms was founded in 2014 with big dreams in small spaces. Technically a fourth-generation farmer, Emily Hall never thought she would actually practice what her father's family has done for over a century. After meeting her husband, CJ, and being totally inspired by his own successful business Emily finished her BA in Graphic Design and dove headfirst into cheesemaking with no experience but with LOTS of determination.

The first thing learned was good cheese can only come from good milk. From there the Razzbourne Farms goats were raised humanely and pasture-based as much as possible. In 2017, the Hall family picked up the building and moved to Kerrs Creek outside of Lexington, Virginia. Since then Emily has produced fresh Chevre, bloomy rinds Kick Ash and Lucy Rouge, and semi-hard washed cheeses Tipsy and Tickled. She hopes to construct a cheese cave to venture further into cheesemaking with natural rind cheeses and blues.

Razzbourne Farms of Lexington, Virginia produces seasonal artisan goat cheeses in small, intimate batches. Enjoy a taste of Rockbridge County in every bite of Razzbourne Farms artisan farmstead goat cheese. 

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