Puppy Bumpers

Puppy Bumpers were invented in 2008 by Ann W. Price to solve the problem of her Maltese puppies getting through a baby gate.  Puppy Bumpers, Inc. was formed in 2009 and granted Patents and Trademark rights for the products.  The first recognition came quickly with Dog Fancy Magazine selecting Puppy Bumpers as their Editors’ Choice product.  Other awards followed with Puppy Bumpers® being named NBC’s syndicated radio show, “Animal Radio #1 Pet Gadget this season, Petside’s top 10 Pet Products, and even featured on Good Morning America Now with Dr. Marty Becker.

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Glow Pups Bumper, Hunter's Orange
Rainy Day Puppy Bumper, Red Dot
Rainy Day Puppy Bumper, Black Dot
Ultra Puppy Bumper, Red
Ultra Puppy Bumper, Green
Ultra Puppy Bumper, Blue
Ultra Puppy Bumper, Camo
Puppy Bumper, Rainbow Paws
Puppy Bumper, Pink Paw Print
Puppy Bumper, Pink Dots
Puppy Bumper, Navy Dots
Puppy Bumper, Mud Paws
Puppy Bumper, Jolly Roger
Puppy Bumper, Blue Paws & Bones
Puppy Bumper, Black with White Paw Prints
Puppy Bumper, Black & White Checked
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