Poplar Hill Alpacas & Studio

Poplar Hill's focus is fiber. After years of winning in the show ring we have turned our attention to the creation of local farm made goods and supporting the growing fiber industry in the U.S. Our alpacas consistently create fleeces that are second to none for commercial value and homespun goodness that fiber artists adore. We take great pride in sharing our 22 years of experience with new owners helping them to understand and succeed raising alpacas, and are delighted to offer our herd's exquisite woolens, soaps, and all things alpaca.

Our alpacas are family and we are committed to the health and well-being of them. Our herd lives next to us on native pastures with free access to lush hay, shelter and water, and plenty of companionship. We celebrate each birth and welcome newly acquired arrivals into our herd as guests of honor. All of the alpacas are uniquely named and bless our mountain home with the colors of the alpaca rainbow - white, grey, black, golden fawn, rose, maroon, and all shades in between. The females are great moms that adore their crias, and the herdsires, well they are just magnificent. This farm specializes in happy pacas living a natural lifestyle and providing us with fiber once exclusive to Incan royalty. Our practices for the farm aim towards sustainable care of the humans and the alpacas. We utilize our compost as natural fertilizer on the pastures to regenerate the soil and improve our rotational grazing. This is slow living, it takes a year to grow the fleece and begin our very special fiber love story we are glad to share with you.

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Luxury Soap, Wrapped in Felted Alpaca Fiber
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