Air Freshener, package of 5


Delight your senses with Indulgent Air Fragrance.  Treat yourself to the best air  fresheners on Earth period! No other air freshener can compare for Indulgent will supersede every time.  The water based formula is great for use in cars, homes, businesses, and more!

Directions: Shake gently and spray desired amount away from face to eliminate odors and freshen air.  Use with automatic air diffusers for outstanding results!!!

Select from the following best selling fragrances:

  • Romantic Breeze, Strawberry
  • Zesty Fantasy, Lemon
  • Hidden Secret 2, Just Like New [Car] 
  • 3 Wishes, Island Breeze
  • Hidden Secret, Fresh & Clean [Linen}
  • Paradise Cove, Pina Colada
  • Southern Sweet, Mango
  • Virginia Pine
  • Sweet Seduction, Cherry

Ingredients: Odor eliminator, water, fragrance.

Note: Indulgent Air Fragrances are changing their label designs to capture the experience that we are providing through our products.  You may receive products with our previous label designs and/or products with our current label designs as pictured. 

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