Janie and Caroline here. We co-founded Oventure in 2012 to help give women everywhere an extra hand when they need it most.

After years of misplacing our keys, we decided it was about time that someone come up with a simple solve for moms and other on-the-go women like us who had their hands full. We designed, sourced, tested and perfected for months, and finally landed on an O-mazing, first-of-its-kind idea: the Big O® Key Ring.

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Big O® Bamboo Keyring, Silicone
Printed Big O® Keyring, Silicone
Mini Silicone Pouch Accessory
Pearlized, Big O® Bamboo Keyring, Silicone
Big O® Keyring, Leather Collection
Big O® Keyring, Silicone
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