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We're the Lloyd family: Pat, Lisa and sons Wally and Quentin. We owned and operated Obisquahassit, New Jersey's oldest working farm and one of the oldest residences in the United States, dating to 1670. It took over 4 years to develop reliable, organic methods to make our black garlic products. Everything starts in the fields, where organic and sustainable practices rule.

In June of 2016, we moved our residence to Jefferson National Forest and expanded business operations in Blacksburg, Virginia. Our new facility at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center affords us a unique opportunity to increase research and development in food innovation and continue creating impeccable highest-quality, artisan products. What's more, we're securing local organic farmers to continue the growth and quality of our premium garlic crop.

We are often asked...why organic black garlic? The answer is simple: taste, health and the wow factor. Start off with a healthy food, create a culinary delight that elicits a "Wow!" when someone tastes it for the first time. So, how can we grow and age garlic, develop inventive products, educate kids and consumers, all right here, smack in the middle of the Mid-Atlantic region? That is our goal every day.

We have 100% control over every ounce of well water irrigation, organic fertilization, planting, harvest, curing, aging, packaging and distribution. ObisOne also plants a myriad of specialty plants and edible flowers in rotation with our premium garlic and we have the ability to deliver the freshest, hard to find specialties. We actively support culinary teaching and learning, especially to K-12. Our motto is "Sharing the Goodness...ObisOne".

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