Northern Neck Popcorn Bag

Kevin and Terri Crowder are the proud owners of the Northern Neck Popcorn Bag, the Northern Neck region's source for premium, handcrafted, gourmet popcorn.  Kevin and Terri, maintain residences in Fredericksburg and Heathsville.  They have three children: a daughter who is currently working towards her Doctorate in Psychology,  a son who is a student at Lynchburg College, and a daughter in high school in Fredericksburg.  The Crowders are active members of Fredericksburg Baptist Church.

When Kevin and Terri began planning to open a premium, handcrafted, gourmet popcorn store, it wasn't long before their search brought them to Kilmarnock.  After spending the afternoon in town and while having lunch at NN Burger, they crystallized the idea that this is where it needs to be.  They love the Northern Neck region, its welcoming people and all that the region has to offer.   They love being on the water.  They love the small town atmosphere.  They knew that this was the right place to open the shop.   

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