Mieka Olive Oil Soap

Charity, the owner of Mieka Olive Oil Soap has been a Registered Nurse
for over ten years.  While her three beautiful children were younger, she homeschooled them. As they transitioned to attending a private Christian school, Charity decided to pursue a degree in nursing. Caring for people has made nursing a rewarding career, but Charity longed to help people in other ways.  

Mieka, the founder of Made by Mieka Soaps, enthusiastically taught her the process of making her traditional Mediterranean olive oil soaps.  The natural ingredients ensure a gentle and moisturizing benefit for skin: the polyphenols in the olive oil have antioxidant properties which help protect skin, and the aroma therapy gives a relaxed (lavender) or rejuvenating (peppermint) experience.  The honey and oats soap exfoliates and encourages new cell growth, and the shea butter soap helps heal and moisture dry skin.  These are all qualities that she finds extremely valuable as a nurse.  Skin is the body’s first line of protection, and it deserves to be well cared for.  

We hope you find these wonderful handcrafted Olive Oil Soaps to be healthful and beneficial.  Enjoy!
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