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Tear Drop Post Earrings


A Liz Hanson Metalsmith all time best seller! Lightweight and easy to wear, these are the earrings you will grab everyday, no matter which size you prefer. The wire is formed into a teardrop shape, gracefully crossing over itself at the top of the earring, where the post is installed.

  • Sterling silver
  • Small: approximately 1" drop

Each piece is completely handmade, right down to the findings. All of the work is produced by Liz Hanson in her studio—so when you place an order, rest assured that you are getting a truly handmade piece, that might vary slightly from the picture online. 

    A Note from the Artist:

    Designing comfortable jewelry which demonstrates both a contemporary flare and a knowledge of the craft is my passion. Working with Sterling Silver, I search for shapes and forms which are clean and fluid that emerge through forging, fabrication and casting. This minimalism enables my jewelry to be an accessory or a statement, an everyday piece or a one-of-a-kind item. 

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