Liz Hanson Metalsmith

Liz Hanson

My hands have always reached for thread, yarn, stones and metal to create objects that appealed to my sense of design and fashion. Patterns, color and texture have always pleased me even though I settle into minimalism in my metalsmithing. Being a maker has allowed me to digest this passion and direct my energy into building collections of my work.

  Designing comfortable jewelry which demonstrates both a contemporary flare and a knowledge of the craft is my passion. Working with Sterling Silver, I search for shapes and forms which are clean and fluid that emerge through forging, fabrication and casting. This minimalism enables my jewelry to be an accessory or a statement, an everyday piece or a one-of-a-kind item.  

My studio is constantly humming with the sounds of hammers, files, sanders, polishers, torches, tumblers and my chair wheeling around from station to station. I love having visitors to my studio – those are the best days of all. 

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Ina Necklace, 18"
Ying Yang Drop Bar with Circle, Earrings, 1.9"
Only 1 left!
Flattened Oval Link, Necklace, 18"
Only 2 left!
Five Ring Interlocking Cutout, Necklace, 18"
Only 2 left!
Madeline Cast, Necklace, 38"
Only 2 left!
Sterling Silver C Bar, Bangle, 10 Gauge
Cast Eliza, Bracelet, 6"
Only 2 left!
Sterling Cuff
Flattened Double Oval Link, Earrings, 1"
Ying Yang Drop Bar with Circle, Earrings, 2.9"
Only 2 left!
Hand Cut Sterling Circles, Earrings, 1.2"
Only 1 left!
Bar with Suspended Square, Earrings, 2.25"
Only 2 left!
Bar with Suspended Half Circle, Earrings, 2.25"
Only 2 left!
Caroline Link, Earrings, 1"
Small Link, Earrings, .75"
Skinny Cast Oval Small, Earrings, 1.5"
Organic Ovals on Posts, Earrings, 2"
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