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La Vache in French means 'holy cow' and it's the first thing you'll say when you try your first bite of our mouthwatering caramels. We handcraft our caramels using traditional French techniques and incorporate responsibly sourced ingredients. We firmly believe that exceptional ingredients sourced as locally and responsibly as possible is what makes our caramels the best thing you’ve ever put in your mouth. All of our caramels are created without corn syrup and without preservatives or other funny stuff, ensuring the most natural, made-from-scratch sweet treats. Stephanie, the owner, is an architect/foodie with a passion for wine and a desire to make people smile... that's how this amazing confectionary venture began. When the construction industry hit the skids in 2008 her newly acquired license to practice was briefly tabled and a passion for local food emerged. Some extra time in the kitchen resulted in the making of a killer caramel recipe and her design background got exercised in the form of graphics and flavor profiles in order to form La Vache in 2013. Some wonderful press, a 'Made in Virginia' award, and a Good Food Award nod showcased our talent and we've been pleasing your palates with caramel goodness ever since.
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Fleur de Sel Caramels
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