Knives + Skillets

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Join or Die Knives Oyster Knife with Blue Dyed Maple & Crushed Oyster Shell Handle
Exclusive Virginia Spalted Maple Oyster Knife by Join or Die Knives
Oyster Knife, Stabilized Maple Burl
Exclusive Maple Kitchen Utility Knife from Join or Die Knives
Hand-Cut Pocket Knife, Steel and Titanium
Chef Knife Roll, Leather 21" x 18"
Omni Handle Skillet, Carbon Steel, 11"
Wok with Omni Handle, Carbon Steel, Medium 13"
Wok with Loop Handles, Carbon Steel, Medium 13"
Roasting Pan, Carbon Steel, 12.5"
Carbon Steel Wok Ring from Athena Skillets
Join or Die Knives Bourbon Barrel Blade
Oyster Knife, Padauk Wood & Crushed Oyster Shell Handle
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