Kambo (rhymes with Rambo) was the name our dad affectionately called our mother and the moniker of her 1990s home-based bakery, Kambo's Kitchen, where her signature sour cream coffee cake became her best-selling product.

Years after closing her business, our mom continued to bake her special cake for family and friends celebrating life events such as weddings, births, holidays, and birthdays. Sometimes she would bake it “just because.” Whatever the occasion, Kambo made her cakes with love, and people used to remark that you could almost taste her love in this cake. This sentiment is something we strive to create in every KamboCake. Today, our company, located in Ashburn, Virgina, is named in her beautiful memory, for the cake she loved to bake almost as much as people loved to eat. It is our sincerest hope that you will come to love KamboCake as much as others have over the years. Keeping with Kambo’s tradition, we put our hearts into making a delicious cake that you can proudly give as a gift or serve to guests for a variety of occasions.

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Pecan Sour Cream Coffee Cake, 3.1lb
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