In a Jam!

Andrea of In a Jam! has always enjoyed spending time with older generations and listening to their stories of the past.  Picking strawberries with her grandmothers when she was little and making Strawberry Freezer Jam are among some of her favorite memories from childhood.  Combine that with her interest in the art and history of preservation and that is where the love for this business comes from.  

It started as a hobby at the Downtown Parkersburg Farmers Market beside the Blennerhassett Hotel and it wasn’t until she was invited to be a vendor at the Bridgeport Farmers Market that she saw the true potential of what she was doing. With the help of other food artisans, the West Virginia Department of Agriculture, West Virginia University and various state departments, this business has become something that she is so thankful for and proud of everyday. Her grandmother, Clara, picks and prepares most of the fruit that is used for the jams and jellies. 

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