Hunt Country Foods

Hunt Country Foods is a home to a unique family of extraordinary foods... all handmade from all-natural ingredients and shipped fresh and direct from their location atop the open rolling meadows of Virginia's Hunt country.  Over the past thirty-five years Hunt Country has been inspired to create products just for our fun and entertaining.  

"Horseshoes and Nails" shortbread cookies was their first product offered and is now part of their signature Best of Luck line.  The racing-size horseshoe cookies and cookie "nails" are made of incredibly delicious and buttery shortbread.  The cookies were soon followed by another tasty way to send Best of Luck . . . Horseshoe Chocolates. Both the cookies and chocolates have been favorites among equestrians and as corporate gifts and wedding favors.  

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Horseshoes & Nails, Shortbread Gift Box, 15 oz
Horseshoe Chocolates, 200 pieces
"Best of Luck" Tin, 36 piece Collection
"Best of Luck" Gift Giver Package, 6 Box Set
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