Bowman Tantalus, Display, Oak



Made specifically for A. Smith Bowman products, we celebrate the Fredericksburg Virginia distillery. Inspired by the natural shape of oak bourbon barrel staves, the Bowman Tantalus has a simple but elegant style with a clever maple threaded rod that keeps your bottle secure and safe. We have maintained the natural char of the barrel (sealed so it won’t get your hands dirty!) A Tung oil finish is recommended but can be stained to suit.

The Tantalus Signature Coin is made of cast metal mounted on the top of the adjusting T-handle and underneath the bottle base. The coin is our unique calling card with our logo on one side and our website ( on the reverse. You will find an extra coin included for sharing with interested friends.

Coins with military or school insignia are very popular. We can procure a coin of your choice or mount one you already own.

 Dimensions and Color:

The Bowman Tantalus is 14" tall, 9 inches wide and 3.75" deep. It is made specifically for the A. Smith Bowman line of products.

Your Tantalus Rex can be stained within the range of standard manufacturers. 


Your Tantalus comes in a crate made from salvaged wood from the Great Dismal Swamp and is suitable for re-use. Please allow up to three (3) weeks for your custom made Tantalus. Rush orders can be accommodated. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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