A Note from Carolyn Herbert

Herbert’s Wine Jelly, LLC began in my kitchen, making wine jelly for my 92-year-old mother who wanted wine with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At that age, she deserved to have what she wanted!! With a chef, we improved the jellies until we found the perfection we sought. We began selling our jelly at craft fairs to support a family member struggling with the impact of mental health in his everyday life. We expanded our line of products and began hiring individuals who otherwise may have difficulty obtaining and maintaining gainful employment. 

Our mission is to create unique high-quality products for the everyday cook while supporting mental health awareness. We realize those coping with mental health may also have issues related to social justice. Seeking and maintaining employment, at best, is difficult.  We began hiring those who otherwise had very little hope.  Herbert’s provides them an opportunity for success. 

Our products have received recognition for excellence by VA Finest®, The Virginia ABC (for the development of a proprietary process to remove alcohol from the wine to be a food product), Who’s Who Lifetime Tier, P.O.W.E.R. Lifetime Recognition, Lifetime Magazine, and radio podcasts. Our products can be found in specialty food stores nationwide, selected Virginia vineyards and grocery stores, as well as the Library of Congress museum store in DC.

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Gourmet Peanut Butter Spread, 3 Box Set
Red Wine Jelly, 3 Box Set
Hot Cocoa, Specialty Collection, 5 pack
Herb & Seasoning Dip Mixes, Package of 4
White Wine Jelly, 3 Box Set
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