Hali Emminger is the designer and founder behind Hechizo accessories. Combining ceramics, metals and textiles into items made to adorn, Hechizo pieces are the mementos of her deep interest in materials and processes. Hali draws inspiration from many global traditions of adornment, pottery and costume. Her designs elevate somewhat less-precious materials such as ceramic cabochons set like gemstones - nodding to the value of the hand-crafted. The daughter of a carpenter and granddaughter of two generations of tailors, she enjoys carrying on a tradition of handcrafting objects made to be used, worn and appreciated.

Hali resides in Richmond, VA with her husband and daughter and work out of a sun-filled studio which is shared with members of her family who are also makers.

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Mursi Post Earrings, Ceramic
Flora Blue, Mursi Post Earrings, Ceramic
LIttle Drum Earring, Flora Blue
Budding Earrings, Sterling & Ceramic
Blue Bud Drop Earrings
Sun & Rain Necklace, Sterling and Ceramic
Kalyptos Swinger Earrings, Flora Blue
Kalyptos Swinger Earrings, Gold
Kalyptos Swinger Earrings, Rose Gold
Kalyptos Swinger Earrings, Black
Belle Tassel Lariat Necklace, Ceramic and Leather
Seedling Pendant Necklace, Sterling and Ceramic
Needs Met Necklace, Sterling and Ceramic
Tassel Cage Earring, Sea Foam
Tassel Cage Earring, Denim
Tassel Cage Earring, Flora Blue
Tassel Cage Earring, Rose Gold
Tassel Cage Earring, Citron
Tassel Cage Earring, Lilac
Tassel Cage Earring, Melon
Tassel Cage Earring, Gold
Tassel Cage Earring, Black
Tassel Cage Earring, White
Kalyptos Swinger Earrings, Denim
Kalyptos Swinger Earrings, Sea Foam
Kalyptos Swinger Earrings, Citron
Kalyptos Swinger Earrings, Lilac
Kalyptos Swinger Earrings, Melon
Kalyptos Swinger Earrings, White
Regalo Terra Shortie Earring, Flora Blue
Regalo Terra Shortie Earring, Rose Gold
Regalo Terra Shortie Earring, Lilac
Regalo Terra Shortie Earring, Denim
Regalo Terra Shortie Earring, Citron
Regalo Terra Shortie Earring, Melon
Regalo Terra Shortie Earring, Sea Foam
40 results
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