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Heartwood’s story began some 20 years ago in the small, friendly town of Star, Mississippi, when two brothers began the odyssey that transformed them from builders of homes for people into builders of homes for birds. Roots run deep here in Star; Heartwood’s Jerry and Larry Glass are fourth-generation residents. It was Jerry who first took up the call of arts and crafts, designing and hand crafting cypress creations that he and wife Lynda sold at local crafts fairs. Mrs. Glass (that would be Larry and Jerry’s mother) suggested a new product when she pointed out the obvious: people love birds and bird houses. And so Heartwood was born, quickly growing large enough to require Larry’s talents on the team.

Today, while Jerry has retired from the business and Larry is now the sole owner, Jerry continues to design all Heartwood homes. Designing these avian masterworks is his passion. And each home is still crafted by hand at Heartwood’s facility on Star’s Main Street, using the highest quality materials and with a staff that has grown to include a wider circle of family, friends and neighbors; suppliers, like Heartwood’s expert coppersmith, are also local.

Heartwood is an American story, an American success, from the ground up. That includes down-to-earth values like caring and encouragement for others, as Larry and the Heartwood staff serve as enthusiastic mentors for aspiring artisans and crafts creators. The company that specializes in architecture for the birds understands that sometimes you need a little push in order to fly.

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Butterfly Breeze, Butterfly  House
Bluebird Brights, Bird House
Vintage Wren, Bird House
Birdiwampus, Whimsical Bird House
Mademoiselle Butterfly, Butterfly  House
Sky Box Cafe, Bird Feeder
The Victorian, Bat House
Lady Bug Loft
Chick, Bird House
Bluebird Manor, Bird House
Homestead, Bird House
Flutter Flat, Butterfly  House
Parrish Picnic, Bird Feeder
Copper Songbird Deluxe Verdigris Roof, Bird House
Country Wildwood Church, Bird House
Parrish Peep, Bird House
Vintage Gatehouse, Bird House
Boyd's Bungalow, Bird House
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