Harmony Harvest Farms

In 2011, a family of farmers with a creative knack decided to break the rules. The result was Harmony Harvest Farm.

While yes, there is a physical farm, Harmony Harvest is more than just a plot of rolling flower fields. At its core, Harmony Harvest is the local farmer, the lover of flowers, and the advocate of having the best blooms anywhere, anytime.

Harmony Harvest Farm takes pride in delivering stunning, fresh-cut, farm-grown flowers to floral enthusiasts across the US. We believe that using premium blooms shouldn’t be a limited by geography, or complicated. As farmers, we believe in simple, and as designers, we believe in quality.

Our commitment to providing both at-home and professional designers with premium flowers and arranging tools pilots our journey to becoming an incubator for creativity.

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Round Flower Pin Holders
Pin Holder Flower Designer Set
Virginia Living Hairpin Holder Set
Tapered Pin Cup Flower Holders
Pin Cup Floral Designer Set
Round Pin Cup Flower Holders
Round Hairpin Flower Holders
Oval Hairpin Flower Holders
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