At Gratisfied, we are more than a food company; we are a philosophy. Our philosophy is eat real food; eat as close to nature as possible. Our products contain a composition of one-ingredient foods that our bodies were meant to consume. While ideally we encourage eating those foods that don’t come in a package, Gratisfied offers products that are the best of both worlds: a blending of nutrition and convenience. The original grain-free favorite is called the Empower Bar for a reason. Nuts, seeds and other superfoods are blended with pure, plant-based pea protein, natural, low-glycemic sweeteners, and organic egg and avocado oil for a perfectly balanced - and actually healthy - meal or snack. Created with nutrition and blood sugar balance in mind in order to have you thinking less about hunger, and more about what matters. Our latest product, the V Bar offers the same benefits in a fully plant-based bar
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Gratisfied V Bar, Vegan 2oz
Gratisfied Empower Bar,  Organic, 2.4oz
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