Gifts For Her

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Salt & Ayre Chocolate, Assortment
Sweet Sloops Butter Crunch Toffee
The Secret Single Behavior Bar by Miss Maude's
Harbor Sweets Classic Gift, Assortments
A Day Without WIne
Peanut Butter Pony
Recycled Antique Mason Jar Glass Bracelet, Matte
Recycled Antique Mason Jar Glass Earrings, Matte
Oyster Tea Towel from Morris + Norris
Dogwood Flower Earrings, Bronze, .75" x .75"
Recycled Antique Mason Jar Glass Heart Pendant Chain
Dark Horse Chocolates Hunt Collection Gift Assortment, 16 Pieces
Dark Horse Chocolates English Gift Assortment, 16 Pieces
Recycled Antique Mason Jar Glass Earrings, Shiny
Dark Chocolate Sauce, 10oz
Sea Salt Caramel Sauce, 10oz
Dark Horse Chocolates Trophy Assortment, 32 Pieces
Dainty Additions Fern Necklace, Bronze, 16" - 18"
Virginia Bluebells Dainty Necklace, Bronze, 16"
Mosaic Necklace, Bronze, 16"
Blushing Rose Post Drop Earrings, Bronze, 1.5" x .87"
Blushing Rose Mini Statement Necklace, Bronze, 18"- 20"
Zippered Pouch, Custom Virginia Themed
Hoofprints Stud Earrings, Sterling Silver, 1/2"
Bubble Earrings, Bronze
Sage Necklace, Bronze and Glass, 16"
Fern Large Single Leaf Earrings, Bronze, 1.3" x .66"
Fern Cuff, Bronze
Sail Mix, 4oz Bag
Sweet Sloops Ice Cream Topping, 5.33 oz
Dogwood Spray Necklace, Bronze, 18" - 19"
Recycled Antique Mason Jar Glass Bracelet, Shiny
Splash Necklace, 18" Long
Hooflinks Necklace on Pearls
Bigger Bit on Pearls, Sterling Silver, Pearls, 18.5"
Virginia Bluebells Mini Statement Necklace, Bronze, 16"
146 results
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