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My name is Clarissa Dery and I’m the proud owner of two rescued Pit Bulls – Stella and Luna. Because both dogs struggled with allergies, yeast issues, chronic inflammation, and GI upset I began searching for answers and, in the process, became a Certified Dog Food Nutritionist and a Certified Acute Canine Herbalist. My company, Four Leaf Clover, was born from this journey of managing my dogs’ health issues through the power of good nutrition. 

My story began when I was a college student and decided to adopt Stella, a four-year-old pit mix with allergies and yeast issues. Several months later, Luna, a four-month-old pit mix, came into my life after being abandoned. Luna had multiple health issues including Demodectic Mange that made her fur fall off and her skin flakey. Being young and naive, I thought I could handle Luna’s health issues, but after multiple vet visits, medicated baths, and expensive prescription food, Luna was still struggling. I couldn't afford more vet visits and the $100 bag of gourmet cornstarch wasn’t exactly helping either. That's when I took matters into my own hands and focused on what I was actually feeding my dogs. That's when everything changed! 

I started making my own dog food and treats with meat and organs from the local butcher shop, along with bone broth, homemade kefir probiotics, and herbal mixes with healthy spices, such as turmeric. Sure enough their health issues slowly faded away through my recipes. As facultative carnivores, my dogs thrived on the nutritious food I was preparing – no grains, fillers, or toxic preservatives. Luna, now two- years-old, has beautiful shiny fur, and Stella no longer struggles with yeast and allergies. The mission of Four Leaf Clover was created:  to raise the standards of our pet's health and to help dog parents nourish their fur babies!

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Stella's Super Food Biscuits, Dog Treats, 8oz Bag
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