Emerson Creek Pottery

Emerson Creek Pottery, located in Bedford, Virginia boasts beautiful ceramic pottery in clean organic designs. Created in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia in the American tradition of quality ceramics. They currently feature many different lines of ceramic pottery. Including the beloved signature line, Field of Iris, a classic since 1977.

Constantly evolving we add new patterns, glazes, and forms often, such as our new Onyx Black and Pearl glazes, a step back to the basics. All of Emerson Creek's work is microwave and dishwasher safe, lead-safe cadmium-safe and ovenproof.

With its original log walls, original fireplace, and three double-barrel chimneys, the cabin which houses the Emerson Creek Pottery Store offers considerable interest to those wishing to steep themselves in the rich history of the region.

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Field of Iris Tea Cup, 10oz
Frilly Pie Plate, 9.75" x 1.5"
Lavender Latte Mug, 16oz
Lavender Signature Mug, 16oz
Field of Iris Latte Mug, 16oz
Lavender Tea Cup, 10oz
Ivory Brookline, Nacho Set
Mango Brookline, Nacho Set
Cherry Brookline, Nacho Set
Pet Bowl, Go Green Earthware, Round Prints Small, 16oz
Pet Bowl, Walking Paws Small Pink, 16oz
Pet Bowl, Walking Paws, Cool, Small, 16oz
Pearl Craftline, Dinner Set for One
American Blue Craftline, Dinner Set for One
Copper Clay Craftline, Dinner Set for One
Lavender Craftline, Dinner Set for One
Field of Iris Craftline, Dinner Set for One
American Blue Latte Mug, 16oz
Copper Clay Latte Mug, 16oz
American Blue Signature Mug, 16oz
Copper Clay Signature Mug, 16oz
Field of Iris Signature Mug, 16oz
American Blue Tea Cup, 10oz
Copper Clay Tea Cup, 10oz
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