Danforth Pewter

When you buy Danforth Pewter, you bring a unique piece of authentic Vermont artisanship into your life. All of our goods are handmade in Middlebury, Vermont by our team of local artisans, who cast, spin, polish, paint, and assemble raw metal to form the exquisite object you hold in your hands.

Their workers all come from the local community and are trained in-house, becoming world-class artisans who are passionate about their trade. In a time when most commercially sold metalwork is machine-made in a factory, Danforth Pewter stands as one of the few uniquely personal, human-centered businesses, where working metal is an art, and our pride is in our handiwork.

51 results
Celtic Mini Post Earrings, Pewter, 1/2"
Celtic Mini Earrings, Pewter, 1"
Celtic Earrings, Pewter, 1.5"
Celtic Knot Mini Necklace, Pewter, 17"
Celtic Knot Necklace, Pewter, 18"
Prairie Earrings, Pewter,
Road Trip Earrings, Pewter, 1 5/8"
Vibes Earrings, Pewter, 2"
Lindy Earrings, Pewter, 2"
Riversong Necklace, Pewter, 17"
Riversong Earrings, Pewter, 2"
Cardinal Necklace, Pewter, 18"
Cardinal Earrings, Pewter,1.5"
Trout Keyring, Pewter, 2.25"
Bullfrog Keyring, Pewter, 1.75" x 1"
Sea Turtle Keyring, Pewter, 2"
Horse Keyring, Pewter, 2"
Dog & Bone Keyring, Pewter, 1.5" x 1.25"
Adirondack Keyring, Pewter, 1.75" x 1.75"
Sunflower Summer Keyring, Pewter, 2" Diameter
Lighthouse Keyring, Pewter, 2" Tall
Cardinal Keyring, Pewter, 1.5" x 2"
Elephant Keyring, Pewter, 2.5" x 3.25"
Lobster Keyring, Pewter, 2.25" x 1" W
Federal Frame, Pewter, 4 x 6
Federal Frame, Pink and Pewter, 4 x 6
Copy of Federal Frame, Blue and Pewter, 4 x 6
Federal Frame, Blueberry and Pewter, 4 x 6
Baby Spoon & Plate Set, Pewter