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I have worked with wood for over two decades, building furniture, then learning the craft of building jewelry and keepsake boxes. During this time, I have learned from a number of wonderful woodworkers, including Richard Gordon, Stephen Proctor, Doug Stowe, and Michael Fortune.

I use native woods, many from managed forests, and exotic woods or natural materials when they can add a unique feature. All furniture and boxes shown on the website can be made in different woods, combinations of woods, and sizes. In building a unique piece, two concepts underlie my designs: to create pieces that highlight the wood grain and color and to build pieces that one wants to touch and use. I use relatively simple designs based on squares, rectangles, and gentle curves, and often incorporate woods of different colors into the piece. I also like to experiment with texture, from rough-hewn to highly polished surfaces. The final design is the result of a back-and-forth conversation that produces a long-lasting object that gives satisfaction each time the owner looks at and uses it.

My work has been shown at the Artisans United Gallery, Annandale, VA; Bodzin Art Gallery of the Jewish Community Center, Fairfax, VA; UU Gallery Exhibition, Richmond, VA; Barn Show, Timberville, VA; the Fall Foliage Festival, Waynesboro, VA; Art-at- the-Mill, Millwood, VA; and the gift shop of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, VA.

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