Cape Charles Candy Company

Cape Charles Candy company was established by Phillip and Jordan Dail in 2018. After fulfilling their dreams of becoming permanent residents of Cape Charles, Virginia in 2017 they opened their candy store on Mason Avenue and it has quickly become known as The Sweetest Little Candy Store on the Eastern Shore! They make their own fresh fudge daily and have a variety of flavors to satisfy every taste.

Their fresh-made fudge is created using the best ingredients including real cream and butter. They utilize local ingredients including Barrier Island’s Salt, Eastern Shore Coastal Roasting’s Marsh Mud coffee, and Cape Charles Distillery’s Bourbon in the fudge to capture the flavors of the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

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Chocolate Lovers Fudge Box, 6 Pieces Per Box
Peanut Lovers Fudge Box, 6 Pieces Per Box
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