Camelot Pewter

Camelot Pewter products are proudly made in Richmond, Virginia, since 1983. They manufacture 100 percent lead-free pewter in a variety of items. Today they service customers across the United States, offering their handcrafted pieces in both bright and satin finishes. They offer unconditional satisfaction if you find defects in materials or workmanship. We hope you will enjoy using your pewter for years to come.
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Stemless Wine Glass, Home in Virginia, Set of 4
Camelot Pewter Baby Cup - 5 oz.
Camelot Pewter Virginia Cups
Camelot Pewter Richmond Julep Cup
Moscow Mule, Pewter, 4" x 3"
Camelot Pewter Jefferson Cup - 8 oz.
Virginia Tankard, pewter 4.25" x 3"
Camelot Pewter 5.5" Vanity Tray
Richmond Bowl, Pewter, 5" x 4"
Virginia Bowl, Pewter, 8"
Jewelry Box, Pewter, 1.5" x 3.5"
Ornament, Mr and Mrs Snowman, Pewter
Ornament, Virginia Cardinal, Pewter
Ornament, Winter Mittens, Pewter
Ornament, Winter Snow Flake, Pewter
Ornament, Gingerbread Man, Pewter
Ornament, Traditional Santa Face, Pewter
Ornament, RVA, Pewter
Ornament, Angel with Baby Jesus, Pewter
Ornament, Praying Angel, Pewter
Ornament, Small Santa Face, Pewter
Ornament, Graceful Swan, Pewter
Ornament, Noah's Ark, Pewter
Ornament, Christmas Tree, Pewter
Ornament, Round Reindeer, Pewter
Ornament, Rocking Horse , Pewter
Ornament, Jingle Bell Wreath, Pewter
Ornaments, Flying Angels, Pewter, Set of 2
Ornaments, Singing Angels, Pewter, Set of 2
Ornament, Bunny Rabbit, Pewter
Ornament, Teddy Bear, Pewter
Ornament, Baby Jesus Manger, Pewter
Ornament, Trumpeting Angel, Pewter
Ornament, Waving Santa, Pewter
39 results
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