A Message from Warren Brown:

I started CakeLove in 2002 because I've always enjoyed sharing my love for food. I started making Thanksgiving meals for my family at 14. I cooked meals for my roommates in college. I even created a study group called Gastronomy and the Law when I was in law school and shared my culinary experiments with my law school classmates. CakeLove is just a natural extension of what I've been doing all my life: bringing people together through food. This desire to share the love continues to drive CakeLove today.
After more than a decade of CakeLove, do you still love baking and being an entrepreneur?
I do! Don't get me wrong -- being an entrepreneur requires 110% of my time (just ask my wife!) but I do still love it.  As for baking, I love it now more than ever. I love that I'm constantly learning and still refining my craft. When I was testing recipes for my fourth cookbook (PieLove) in 2012, I experimented with blending different fats. It was like a science experiment: is coconut oil better than canola? Or does palm oil work better? Should I use whole milk, 2% milk, half & half, cream with 36% fat or 40% fat? What kind of flour? What kind of salt?  I love asking these kinds of questions and losing myself in the science of baking. I know it's nerdy but that's how I have "fun" at 4 o'clock in the morning while experimenting in the kitchen.

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Half Dozen Sampler, Cakes in a Jar
Carrot Cake, Cake in a Jar, 4 oz
Strawberry Shortcake, Cake in a Jar, 4 oz
Red Velvet, Cake in a Jar, 4 oz
Salty Caramel, Cake in a Jar, 3.7oz
Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cake in a Jar, 4 oz
Bananas Foster, Cake in a Jar, 4 oz
Triple Chocolate, Cake in a Jar, 4 oz
Cookie Dough, Cake in a Jar, 4 oz
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