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Silver Oyster Shell Pendant (small) by Designs from Nature
Dogwood Flower Earrings, Bronze, .75" x .75"
Upcycled Paper Earrings, State Map of Virginia
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Silver Oyster Shell Pendant, Large, 2.5" x 2"
Hoofprints Stud Earrings, Sterling Silver, 1/2"
Driftwood Bangles, Set of 4, Bronze
Holly Brooch
Sterling Silver Crochet Leaf Earrings
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Holly Post Earrings, Bronze
Rustic Creek Turquoise, Jasper Dragonfly Necklace, 19.75-21.75"
Bigger Bit on Pearls, Sterling Silver, Pearls, 18.5"
Mosaic Necklace, Bronze, 16"
Dainty Additions Fern Necklace, Bronze, 16" - 18"
Holly Adjustable Necklace, Bronze, 16" - 18"
Blushing Rose Post Drop Earrings, Bronze, 1.5" x .87"
Dogwood Single Necklace, Bronze, 17" - 18"
Heron Czech Glass, Patina Bird Focal Necklace, 16.5 - 18.5"
Pine Needle Post Drop Earrings, Bronze, 1.5" x .87"
Bubble Earrings, Bronze
Sage Necklace, Bronze and Glass, 16"
Fern Large Single Leaf Earrings, Bronze, 1.3" x .66"
Fern Cuff, Bronze
Monstera Large Post Earrings, Bronze, 1.5"
Kalyptos Swinger Earrings, Gold
Dogwood Spray Necklace, Bronze, 18" - 19"
Upcycled Paper Earrings, Sherbert
Upcycled Paper Earrings, Watercolor Blue & Green
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Seaside Fresh Water Pearl, Kyanite, Iolite Collage Focal Necklace, 23.5-25.5"
Tranquil Gardens Simple African Turquoise Bracelet, 7.5-8.5"
Daily Magic- Studs
Nautilus, Czech Glass Earrings
Only 4 left!
Blue Belle Necklace
Amazonite Why Knot Bracelet - Gloss finish
Gingerbread Man Earrings
Only 1 left!
Cordyline Leaf Cuff, Bronze
Upcycled Paper Earrings, Coral & Orange
Only 3 left!
262 results
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