Red Velvet Cupcake/Cake Mix, Vegan & Gluten Free, 13oz Package


A fluffy, sweet, and velvety texture that will make your mouth water! This holiday favorite is Top 8 Allergen Free, Gluten-Free, and Vegan! Just add oil and vegan milk!

Makes enough to generously bake a dozen cupcakes, 36 minis, or an 8" round cake!

Pairs perfectly with LillyBean Vanilla Bean Buttercream Frosting Mix!

LillyBean Baking Mixes & Baking Kits are made in Virginia with high quality ingredients like vegan sugars, real ground vanilla beans, & our gluten-free flour blend.  We take the worry out of baking & deliver reliable, bakery-quality results made with trustworthy ingredients.  Our mixes feature rotating seasonal flavors & multiple vegan AND non-vegan prep options. You'll swear they're some of the best pastries you've ever let's get baking!

  • Vegan, Gluten-Free, & Top 8 Allergen-Free
  • Homemade, all natural cupcakes in minutes
  • Just add Choice of Milk and Choice of Oil
  • Bakes a dozen cupcakes or 36 minis
  • Natural color derived from plants!
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