Artified Junk Rescue

 A Note From our Artist, Stephanie Austin:

Artified Junk Rescue came about in 2016, mainly as a hobby, but I realized people really liked the stuff I was making.  There were not a lot of people up-cycling and repurposing the type of unique pieces that I find for Artified Junk Rescue. I’ve always been an artist in some way over the years, whether it’s fine art, photography, or up-cycling like I do now. Art has always been a healthy, creative outlet for me, and Artified Junk Rescue helped me heal from a dark period in my life.

I love the thrill of the hunt, wandering around antique, vintage, thrift stores or flea markets, looking for “junk” that I can make into a treasure. I love to travel and wherever I am, I am always rescuing discarded vintage pieces and antiques. Most recently I have started working with live edge wood, epoxy resin and fractal wood burning.

My passion is preserving history, traveling to historic places near and far, clean eating, raising my girls to be strong, confident and kind, working hard to grow my small business.


14 results
Cedar Panels Series, Wall Art, Set of 4
Black Walnut Slabs, Shelf Art, Set of 2
Vintage Window Framed Quilt, 28 x 27"
Vintage Window Framed Quilt, 28 x 24"
Vintage Window Framed Quilt, 28.5 x 24"
Kansas Buffalo Seed Sack, Reclaimed Window, 27 x 18"
Framed Hershey's Sugar Sack, Wall Art, 28 x 20"
Round Wood Frame, Vintage Grain Sack, Farmhouse Decor Wall Art, 20.5"
Cedar "Fish" Live Edge Wood, Wall Art, 24 x 9"
Black Walnut Round, Wall Art, 17 x 8 x 3"
Vintage Cash Register Drawer, Wall Art, 21 x 5.5"
Vintage Advertisement, Wall Decor, 12 x 9"
Live Edge, Black Cherry Wall Art, 23” x 10” x 1.5”
Black Walnut Arrow, Wall Art, 27 x 13"
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