Alexander Brothers

The Alexander Brothers grew up in a home that fostered a love for the handmade. So much so, their dad insisted that craftsmen training came first. With a heritage of accomplished inventors and tradesmen, who could blame him? Their parents took them along on frequent visits to antique stores, galleries, and other places that sold fine furnishings.  

Learning traditional methods of artistry—blacksmithing, woodworking, and leather crafting—was never a chore for. As teens, they didn’t just apprentice with master craftsmen, they built their own forge and workshops in the backyard. 

Today, they thrive on creating beauty in their lives, and the lives of others. By transforming natural, raw materials into quality home and lifestyle goods, they write stories to tell for generations to come. If you love the smell of leather, the warmth of real wood, and the heft of metal, they can help you write your story, too.

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Alexander Brothers Keychain Bottle Opener
Moose Hide Journal
Fish Hook Key Ring
8" Chef Knife
Wooden Cheese Board
Bison Hide Leather Journal
Traveler's Tote
Chef Knife Roll
Wool Blanket Roll by Alexander Brothers
Wooden Cutting Board
Leather Key Fob
Companion Traveler's Notebook
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