Meet the Maker - Clean Conscience Chocolates

Meet the Maker - Clean Conscience Chocolates

Clean Conscience is a small artisan chocolate company just outside of Charlottesville in Gordonsville, Virginia and their signature line of all-natural healthy gourmet treats are made by hand in small batches using the finest ingredients.

After beginning her culinary career as a personal chef, Mary - the founder and chocolatier - walked away from a corporate position to pursue her passion for cooking and love of food. Her desserts were so well received she began to perfect her art of working with chocolate and making healthy chocolate creations. Clean Conscience Chocolates wants to change how people view and eat chocolate. Their mission is to convince people that Chocolate is FOOD - - - not candy!

All of their products are super CLEAN, uniquely delicious as you would expect from the high quality ingredients, not overly sweet, and actually nutritious for you. Everything they make is Organic, Vegan, Paleo-friendly, Dairy / Gluten / Soy-free, and contains No refined sugar or preservatives.

Cacao is a special food with a rich cultural heritage and is incredibly healthful - it's actually a superfood. Clean Conscience Chocolate is 70% Cacao, Single-Origin, Organic and is RAW. Minimally processed - the beans are dried naturally by the sun (not roasted) - so that the chocolate retains the maximum amount of nutrients for the most health benefits. Additionally, their chocolate is the world's only Biodynamic-Certified chocolate - so it's both earth and people-friendly. For most people the word "healthy" means making food sacrifices that leave you feeling unsatisfied. They focus on creating superior healthy treats using only quality ingredients - - - with all the taste, satisfaction and euphoria of indulging.

Angela Shapiro
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